Quantum Network

The Network is the Computer


Ever since the slogan The Network is the Computer was coined in 1984, we've been trying to create an intelligent network that does what we want but we've never achieved it. With the advent of decentralized technology and the advancement of AI, We can finally build a fully decentralized intelligent network, we named it the Quantum Network.

Our promise

100% decentralized

Our decentralized architecture is censorship-resistant and security-focused.

100% intelligent

Our swarm intelligence optimizes network with privacy-preserving machine learning.

100% performant

Our personal cloud architecture is extremely fast while preserving the privacy of each individual.

Our team

Ed Yu
Ed Yu

I care deeply about online privacy and digital property rights. I want to give back to the community by building something that's not only useful but also usable.

Trevor Berrange
Trevor Berrange

I believe wholly in the democratization of software and technology, and in making it faster, to accelerate the speed at which we can do so.